Products Summary

Upshot manufactures and/ or supplies a range of products that have been designed and refined over many years of extensive experience in the field. We are able to directly transfer the knowledge we gain from our work in the field into the tools that we use to deliver the very best result. As a result of that process we have built a leading reputation for supplying fit for purpose equipment and resources to some of the worlds’ most critical and demanding organisations.

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Modular Mast Systems™

With years of experience in the telecoms industry, Upshot UK Ltd. recognised a strong commercial and environmental need for a radical new mast design that required a generational leap in performance, whilst improving through-project costs and versatility. Our modular mast system uses a limited number of components, at various scales, to provide an infinite number of configurations. These mast systems provide tonnes of headload capacity. To download an overview of our new system please complete the form on the page to access the PDF.

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Trailer Masts (New & Refurbished)

Our own trailer masts are manufactured in house to EU standards and are designed based on many years of experience in the field. We also supply cost effective refurbished models and provide ongoing storage, maintenance and repair services alongside of course a deployment facility as and when required.

Ideal for temporary radio, microwave dish links, mobile CCTV or telecom operators, our Sales, Rental, Part Exchange, Finance and Lease options offer totally flexible options.

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Vehicle Mounted Pneumatic Masts

We can retro fit our masts to your existing vehicles as required. From 4x4’s to Vans and SUV’s, we can work with most leading manufactured models. Please click here to view some examples of our retro fitted masts.

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Permanent Masts

For clients who require fixed long term mast solutions we can provide numerous options as with our temporary masts. As much of our work is bespoke and in cases sensitive, please contact James Pickance for more information about the work we do.

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ROV’s & UAV’s

Upshot operates a wide range of ROV’s and UAV’s worldwide and can also offer these for sale with full training as required. We have a team of experienced pilots, camera operators and technicians and our ROV units can be supplied with lighting, sonar, grabbers and of course cameras suitable for your requirements supplied with both. Our UAV’s are fully CAA approved.

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Specialist Vehicles

We offer a full design, build and shipping service to worldwide NGO’s, Governments and Blue Chip companies. Whether they are for surveillance or security purposes we have extensive expertise both in the aerial equipment, but also the power, electronic and digital modifications required to ensure robustness and reliability in all conditions. Likewise, we can also provide linkage options for relaying data from the field if required. Please click here to view some examples of our vehicles.

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CCTV Solar Powered trailer masts

 We currently have two products in this range of rapidly deployable CCTV towers.

Sentry 500

Marc 3000