Services Summary

Upshot started as a services business and it is the backbone of what we do. Our clients range from Governments, Local Authorities, Blue Chip Organisations and Security services from around the world. We are passionate about service and treat our clients as long term business partners. We are constantly striving to grow with our clients and ensure that when their needs change or escalate we are ready to respond to any challenge they give us. That philosophy has seen many of our clients having been with us for over a decade.

Please see a summary of our Services Division below or follow the links in the menu for more information:

Aerial Photography

We provide a range of aerial photography and surveillance services including but not limited to: Line of Site Surveys, Panoramic Surveys, Drive Testing, Site Audits, Coastal & Boarder Surveillance, Property Rooftop Inspections, External Envelope Surveys and Rapid Response Elevated Mobile CCTV for Events and Security Situations.

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Thermal Imaging

Alongside our aerial photography services we also have the equipment and expertise throughout our fleet to provide full Thermal Imaging services.

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We provide full panoramic surveys for most requirements.

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Line of Sight Surveying

Upshot provides a nationwide and international surveying service to a variety of industries including telecoms. We provide accurate data and first class images.


Underwater Surveys

Upshot operates a range of ROV’s for underwater surveying and inspection. Our expertise is just as strong above ground as it is below and we provide all manner of Bridge, River & Shore surveys as well as services to the Police and Security Services for surveying, monitoring and imaging.

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Culvert, Tunnel, Pipe & Air Shaft Inspections

Upshot has a dedicated team who focus on Culvert, Tunnel, Pipe and Air Shaft inspections. Please contact us for more information on what we do.

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Asset Surveying

Upshot provides many clients with a full Asset Surveying service including field based image collection and the associated reporting, collation and data processing requirements many of our clients, especially Local Authorities and Housing Associations, may require. In recent years we have been commissioned by a wide range of Government based agencies to survey and report on all manner of estate assets from roads, railways and bridges to other more complex national infrastructure.

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Asset Disposal & Valuation

Upshot is often asked by clients to value and/ or dispose of significant infrastructure assets, especially within the telecoms industry. From mobile and permanent masts to large scale satellite arrays, we can help you recoup and inventory your assets effectively.

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Specialist Imaging & Equipment

Upshot is often asked to provide more specialist imaging services. These include but are not limited to the following: Traffic Monitoring, Surveillance and Defence based Intelligence Gathering or Communications in temporary live situations.

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